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~ Cartoon Analysis ~

This 'extra credit' project is designed to give you an opportunity to analyze a Political Economy Cartoon. The process of analyzing a cartoon of this nature will test your ability to recognize and draw inferences from the visual representation of information and ideas. It will also allow you to discern figurative insights from the cartoon that will require the use of your cognitive skills. My expectation is that you will see some similarities between the skills required by this project and those skills you have relied on in completing other projects this semester. In sum, the activity of interpreting charts, graphs, tables, and interpreting the messages of Political Economy Cartoons require skills that are requisite to achieving a higher level of economic literacy. .

Task:  'Possible' Thirty Points "plus"

1)  Find a Political Economy Cartoon on my web site- visit my "Cartoon Gallery" .   It is important that your cartoon search be limited to my web site. You will find many cartoons and most are relevant to the macroeconomic focus of our class. Check with your Coach on your cartoon selection (also, check your class syllabus for project deadlines and requirements- you must begin the project no later than the 11th week. and get the Coach's "OK" before you begin the project!

2)  Present your interpretation of the cartoon that you have selected. In your presentation, apply the various concepts, vocabulary, theories, policies, and notions that have been an integral part of this semester's study of Macroeconomics. Examine the Political Economy Supplement - click on cartoon. I am confident that you will find this material instructive and helpful in interpreting your cartoon. You are encouraged to be creative and utilize flow charts, graphs, and other instructive aids that assist you in doing your 'best work'.

3) Your Presentation should be typed, 3 pages, double spaced, 12 pt font size, 1" margins.

4)  Include a Copy of the Cartoon.

5)  Provide a Cover Page of your design and include- name, date, class time, and title.

6)  Due Date is the last day of 'regular' class (not the final exam day).

7)  I suggest your make a Backup Copy of the report for your records and Celebrate your accomplishment.

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