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Tracking The "Global Economy"
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In this project you will use Dr. Ed Yardeni's "Economic Network"- Global Economy to research the performance of the Global Economy. Your framework of analysis will be the GDP 'Expenditure' Approach. Your task is to, first, study  your country's economic performance with the aid of the Dr. Ed Yardeni's web site. Next, focus on the GDP 'Expenditure' Components [ C + I + G + NX ] of your economy and describe a period- cycle phase, that you find interesting. While your main emphasis should be on the GDP 'Expenditure' Components, you will find the Financial, Business, and Inflation Indicators useful in describing the economic performance of your economy. Optional and useful: I also suggest you review the CIA "The World Factbook" for your country.

I. Follow the instructions below:

A)  Visit:   Dr. Ed Yardeni's "Economic Network": ~ The Global Economy ~

B)  Select a country: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom. Check with the 'Coach' and get an ok on your country selection before you begin your project.

C)  Review: the GDP, its 'Expenditure' Components and the Indicators.

D)  Print: (1) the GDP chart, (2) the GDP 'Expenditure' Component
charts, and (3) your 'three' Indicator charts.

E)   Use a marker pen to highlight your 'time period' on your charts. For example: examine a recession to trough, a recovery to peak- the time period from 1983 to 1989, or compare and contrast two recessions.

F)  Report on your Country: Describe the cycle phase you have chosen to research. In your description, focus on the behavior of the GDP, its Expenditure Components, and your 'three' Financial, Business, Inflation Indicators. Also, apply any macroeconomic concepts that assist you understanding your country's economic performance. I suggest you review the following student drafts: Example #1 ,  Example #2 ,  Example #3 ,  Example #4 .

G)  Turn in- Charts:   GDP Chart (1 chart), GDP 'Expenditure' Component Charts (4 charts), Indicator Charts (3 charts).

H)  Turn in- Country Report: 3 pages, typed, double spaced, 12 pt. font, 1" margins.

I)  Turn in- Cover Page: typed- title, name, date, and class time.

J)  Due Date: Check class notes.

(*)  I suggest you make a Back Up Copy of your project for your records and Celebrate your accomplishment.