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Investment Portfolio
"1st Report"

In a short period of time you have created the 'mutual fund' component of your investment portfolio. Your portfolio now contains your three mutual funds: a 'domestic' equity fund, an 'international' equity fund, a 'domestic' bond fund, and your coach's choice- a 'social equity index' fund.

[A]   In this first report give a description of your investment portfolio. The Morningstar & Quicken fund selectors and Morningstar research options should be very helpful in selecting your funds and in researching your funds. Include the following in your description (of all four funds): name of fund, type of fund, the main sectors (technology, etc..) that the fund invests in, and the fund's largest investments (corporate holdings). What is your fund's initial 'minimum' investment ($3,000 min) requirement? Review the "historical performance" (since you became the proud new owner of your funds- 1/26/01) (see your portfolio statement and the relevant charts), ( Quicken:"Historic Performance" ), and comment on your fund's "track record" . Finally, note the expenses associated with each mutual fund- the expense ratio and any sales charges.

[B]  Turn in the following: [ 100 POINTS ]

* 'updated' versions of all charts and your portfolio statement*

1)  A   Quicken   chart of each of the four mutual funds. (Specifics: 3 yr, closing prices, and with a  'S&P 500' Index) (no 'S&P 500' Index with your Bond Fund)

2)  A   Quicken  chart containing all four mutual funds. (Specifics: 1 yr, closing prices, all four funds on one chart, and  with a  'S&P 500' Index)

3)  A  Quicken   portfolio statement ("custom view") of your portfolio.
** Review the portfolio Work sheet for a model to use in your portfolio statement setup.

4)  Your Report (outline) should be typed, and include a cover page of your design. (name, class, class time, date, no folders)
See example: Student Outline Example 2Example 3Example 4.
Due date will be given in class- see class notes.

6)  I suggest your make a backup copy of your report for your records.

7)  Take a well deserved break and celebrate your accomplishment.

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