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~ Investment Portfolio ~
"Final Report"

In a short period of time you have created your own investment portfolio and have become a seasoned investor.  Your portfolio now contains your coach's choice , your equity fund, your bond fund, your global fund, and shares of your corporation's stock.   During this semester you have researched your investments, tracked your portfolio, studied the financial markets- "Wall Street", and increased your understanding of our economy- "Main Street".  Reflect on this experience and prepare a final report on your portfolio project.

Project Guidelines

(1) Briefly describe each of your Investments (mutual funds and stock) in your portfolio. A review of your 1st Report and your Morningstar Profiles may be instructive.

(2)  Note the Expenses associated with one of your mutual funds (your choice, not Domini). Conduct the S.E.C "Cost Calculator" Test ( see 5 below for specifics) and comment on your findings. Expense information can be found by a review of the "Morningstar Profile" of your fund. Also, an examination of the "Annual Report" and / or "Prospectus"of your fund may be instructive.

(3)  Did the Performance (return, volatility, etc..) of your portfolio meet your expectations? Explain.  Are there any noteworthy differences in the performance of your investments?

(4) We have all worked hard this semester to increase our understanding of our economy. Apply this knowledge and comment on any "Connections" between our Economy's performance- "Main Street" and your Portfolio's performance- "Wall Street".

(a)  Do you believe that changes in the "Economic Environment" (reflected in inflation, unemployment, GDP growth rates, global influences, etc..) have affected the behavior of any of your investments? Explain. You may find a review of your charts and an examination of Dr. Yardeni's charts of GDP, etc...  instructive- look for correlations.

(b)  Do you see any "Greenspan Effect"?  In other words, do you believe Monetary Policy has influenced your portfolio's performance?  Explain. You may find review of your charts and an examination of Dr. Yardeni's charts of Interest Rates, etc...   instructive- look for correlations.

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($)  Take the Challenge  ($)
(Quicken: "Evaluator").
How does the "intrinsic value" of your corporation compare with the "price" of your stock? In your calculation, use the Industry 10 yr rate as the 'earnings growth rate' and the 10 yr Treasury Bond rate as the 'discount rate'.  You may find the "Stock Market Evaluation Calculator"   instructive.

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Completing Your Project
(100 Points)

(1)  Create (turn in) a  Quicken Chart of your Mutual Funds.
      (Specifics: a 5 Year chart, include a S&P 500 Index)

(2)  Create (turn in) a  Quicken Chart of your Corporation's Stock.
      (Specifics: a 5 Year chart, include a S&P 500 Index)

(3)  Create (turn in) a Quicken Chart of Your Choice.

(4)  Create (turn in) a  Quicken ‘updated' Portfolio Statement .

(5)  Provide (turn in) a S.E.C. "Cost Calculator" Expense Statement   for your Mutual Fund.

(6)  Provide (turn in) a Report that is: typed, 3 pages, double spaced, 12 pt font size, 1" margins.

(7)  Provide a Cover Page of your design- include: name, date, class time.

(8)  Due date: May 7th -to- May 11th .

(9)  I suggest you make a Backup Copy of the report for your records and Celebrate your accomplishment.
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