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($) Selected Videos ($) will be integrated into the 'Final' Exam

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"Bush Economics", PBS NewsHour 'Video'.

"Kerry Economics", PBS NewsHour 'Video'.

($) Selected Videos ($)

"Modern Times", Charlie Chaplan, "Modern Times".
"Model of Capital Accumulation", F. Green & B. Sutcliff, "The Profit System".
"The Mercantilist Policy System", Salvatore Schiavo-Campo, "International Economics".

($) Selected Videos ($)

"Paying The Price", PBS NewsHour 'Video'.
"Job Threat", PBS NewsHour 'Video'.

($) Selected Videos ($)

"Luxury Fever", PBS NewsHour 'Video'.

($) Selected Videos ($)

"Profits and Principles", PBS NewsHour 'Video'.
"Turning Around", PBS NewsHour 'Video'.
"The Supply Side", St.Louis Federal Reserve, "Economic Review".

($) Selected Videos ($)

"Wal-Mart The Global Giant", PBS NewsHour 'Video'.
"Wal-Mart: The Impact of a Retail Giant", PBS NewsHour 'Special Video Essays'.

($) Selected Videos ($)

"A Days Work", PBS NewsHour'Videos'.
"Health Care Cuts", PBS NewsHour'Videos'.

($) Selected Videos ($)

"Wealth and Democracy", PBS NewsHour'Video'.
"Falling Dollar", PBS NewsHour'Video'.
"Tough Job", PBS NewsHour'Video'.

~ FYI ~

"Job Threat"

"A Stalled Economy?"

"Profits and Principles"

~ Commanding Heights ~
"The Battle For The World Economy"

"Growth of the American Economy"
~ Video Essays ~

"Modern Times"

"Falling Dollar"

"Wealth and Democracy"

"Luxury Fever"

"Textile Jobs In Decline"

"Tuition Hikes"

"Dollar's Decline"

"Payday Lending"

"States In Red"

"Pathways to Housing"

"Health Care Cuts"

"Quitting & Cutting"

"College Costs"

"Depression & War"

"Red Ink"

"Funding Crisis"

"A Day's Work"

"Is It A Bubble?"

"Food for Thought"

"Power Plays"

"Jobs Crunch"

"War & Wall Street"

"The Fed Today": Our Nation's Central Bank

%%%%%%%% The Bench %%%%%%

"Demographic Shift"

"Vanishing Jobs"

"High-Tech U"

"Working Teens "

"Balancing Act"

%%%%%%%%% The Farm Club %%%%%%%%

"Feeling The Effects"

"Boom and Bust"


"Montgomery Wards"

"Economic Transition"

"The Crash"

"When Work Disappears"

"Overworked America?"

"WSW" Discussion (Forbes,Blinder, & Gallagher) of the Economic Implications of the New War
($)  "Main Street"  ($)
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($)  "Wall Street"  ($)
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