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[Readings will be integrated into the 'Final' Exam]

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Readings I:

"Three Great Economists", Heilbroner & Thurow, "Economics Explained".
"The Social Contract", Laurence S. Seidman, "Economic Parables & Policies".
"The Real Cost of That $8.63 Polo Shirt", Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times.
"U.S. Should Form a Marshall Plan for Latin America", Andrew Reding,Los Angeles Times.

"How Low-Wage Jobs Damage Us All", Beth Shulman, "The Betrayal Of Work".

Optional Reading,...........
"College Costs", PBS NewsHour 'Video'.
"The Three Efficiencies", Robert Kuttner, "Everything For Sale".
"A Table of Political Economy", Abelda, Gunn, Waller, "Alternative to Economic Orthodoxy".
"Alternative Economic Philosophies", Carson, Thomas and Hecht, "Economic Issues Today".
"Socialism as it was Always Meant to Be", Michael Albert & Robin Hahnel, "The Participatory Economics Project".

Readings II:

"Global Shifts Raising Issues of Income Equality", Robert Gavin, Boston Globe.

"What Kind of Productivity Do We Need?", Kumar Venkat, GreenBiz.com.

Optional Reading,...........
"Markets: Guided by an Invisivible Hand or Foot?",

Robin Hahnel, "The ABCs of Political Economy: A Modern Approach".

Selected Readings III:

"The Middle-Class Housing Squeeze", Allison B. Cohen,Los Angeles Times.
"A Paradox of Progress: Stepped-Up Stress", Gregg Easterbrook, Los Angeles Times.

Optional Reading,...........
"The 90s: Private Boom Stingy on Public Good", Peter Gosselin, Los Angels Times.

Readings IV:

"A Perfect Picture of Profit",Orley Amos, "A Pedestrian's Guide to the Economy".
"For Many Firms, Jobless Recovery Is a Good Thing", David Streitfeld, Los Angeles Times.
"High Ideals Didn't Save Anti-Sweatshop Garment Factory", CommonDreams.org.

Optional Reading,..............
"The Role of Profit In The Leading Indicator System", Norman Frumkin, "Tracking America's Economy".
"A Model of Profit", Papadimitriou and Wray, "What to Do with the Surplus:...".
"A Town's Future Is Leaving the Country", David Streitfield, Los Angeles Times.
"Paying Price of Growth in Inland Empire", Scott Gold, Los Angeles Times

Readings V:

"Costco Sees Value in Higher Pay", James Flanigan, Los Angeles.

"Wal-Mart Nation: The Race to the Bottom", Floyd J. McKay, Seattle Times.
"Subway: Junk Food, Junk Economy", R. Mokhiber & R. Weissman, CommonDreams.org.

Optional Reading,..............
"Classical Liberalism", E. K. Hunt, "Property and Prophets".
"An Empire Built on Bargains Remakes the Working World",  Abigail Goldman,..., Los Angeles Times.
"Scouring the Globe to Give Shoppers an $8.63 Polo Shirt", Evelyn Iritani,..., Los Angeles Times.
"Grocery Unions Battle to Stop Invasion of the Giant Stores", Nancy Cleeland,..., Los Angeles Times.

Readings VI:

"Ergonomics a Women's Issue?", Lisa Girion, Los Angeles Times
"Living Wage", Robert Pollin & Stephanie Luce, "The Living Wage".
"Geese, Golden Eggs, and Traps", Chris Tilly, "Dollars & Sense".

Optional Reading,..............
"Dangerous Metaphor:..", James K. Galbraith ,"Public Policy Brief, # 36A."
"What Studs Terkel's 'Working' Says..", A. Cohen, NY Times.
"Who Built the Pyramids", Studs Terkel, "Working".
"Always on the Job, Employess Pay With Health", John Schwartz, "NY Times".

Readings VII:

"Divided Decade:,,", Collins, Hartman, Sklar,, United for a Fair Economy.
"Social-Economic Justice", John Oliver Wilson in P. Ekins & M. Max-Ned,"Real-Life Economics".
"The Well's Running Dry for Colleges",Steve Lopez, "Los Angeles Times".
"War in Iraq Aims a Bullet at the Heart of the Economy", James K. Galbraith, "Los Angeles Times".
"Wall Street Moves Main Street", Burton G.Malkiel, "Wall Street Journal".
"Where do U.S. Dollars Go When The U.S. Runs a Trade Deficit?",  Ask Dr. Dollar,"Dollars & Sense".

Optional Reading,..............
"Green Economics", Paul Ekins, "The Atlas of Green Economics".


~ FYI ~

"Labor Day"

"Workers of the World, Relax"

"Working Your Way Down"

"13 Financial Tips for College Kids"

"Cal Grants Program Faces $30-Million Cut"

"College Costs"

"Tough Times Forces Cuts at 2-Year Colleges"

"Scholarships for Achievement, Not Need, Increase Rapidly"

($) "Education Financing: Federal PLUS Loans and Federal Stafford Loans" ($)

"Unfair Tradr: U.S.Treaties Hurt the Poorest Partners"

"Privatizing War"

"Marx and the Critique of Capitalism"

"Relax, Wage Slaves- Robots Promise You an Endless Vacation"

"Free trade Is Anything but Fair, and Lousy Economics Besides"

"The 90s: Private Boom Stingy on Public Good"

"Wall Street Moves Main Street"

"A Town's Future Is Leaving the Country"

"Social-Economic Justice"

"Crucial Unpaid Internships Increasingly Separate the Haves From the Have-Nots"

"Huge State Budget Gap Rooted in Three Major Spending Areas"

"Analysis of the 2003-2004 Budget Bill ( California State University )"

"The Well's Running Dry for Colleges"

"The Three Efficiencies"

"Human Rights Are Dying On The Vine"

"Jobs Program a Model of Success"

"State Cutback Coverage for Poor"

"The Testing Obsession"

"Students Got the Jailhouse Blues"

"Outsourcing Common Sense"

"War in Iraq Aims a Bullet at the Heart of the Economy"

"A Hot Issue Beyond Anyone's Control"

"Cut Taxes -- but Do the Job Right"

"Doubting Outloud"

"Jobless Coffer Shrinks as Payouts Grow"

"Promises, Promises"

"Capital Gains, Labor Losses"

"Falling Dollar Rattles Investors"

"One-Two-Three Punch Puts Seattle on the Ropes"

"Workers See Power Shifting to Employers"

"Charting the Pain Behind the Gain"

"The Incredible Shrinking Middle Class"

"Need for Speed Has Workers Seething"

"The Middle-Class Housing Squeeze"

"Home Market Boom Showing Some Strain"

"Can Social Security Be Saved?"

"Grocery Job Is Hard to Replace"

"The False Choice Between National Service and Volunteerism"

"A Paradox of Progress: Stepped-Up Stress"

"For Many Firms, Jobless Recovery Is a Good Thing"

"The Solution Would Be Taxing For Only 1% of Californians"

"Nation Losing More Than Unskilled Work"

"Economy Sails Away From Workers"

"Hardships Mont on Picket Line"

"Fed's Words Flurry of Rate Hike Speculation"

"Stocks Tumble as Fed Signals Shift on Rates"

"The Fed Leaves Rate at 45-Year Low"

"Class Dismissed"

"One Thing That Won't Be Tackled on Sunday: Issues"

"Political Ads: "Bush in 30Seconds"

"Jobless Blacks Face Steepest Challenge"

"Recession Might Hit Latinos Hardest"

"Despite Recession, Perks for Top Executives Grow"

"Scapegoating Illegal Workers Won't Seal the Borders"

% % % % % %   "The Bench"    % % % % % %

Jeremy Smith "Manifesto Destiny: The Enduring Sexiness of Karl Marx", Dollars & Sense, March/April, 1999.

Herman Daly,  "Money Fetishism and the Paper Economy" , in "Beyond Growth", p.38-40, 1996.

Charles R. Morris, "Money, Greed, and Risk" , p. 3-8, 1999.

"Recent Financial Market Turmoil Puts a Crimp on Capital Spending"

D. Beckman, M.Gold and S. Fleischli, "Cities exaggerate Cost of Water Cleanup" , LA Times, 3-10-2002.

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Frederick F. Reichheld, "Solving The Productivity Puzzel", WSJ, 3-44-96

Ask Dr. Dollar, "How Long Can We Run a Trade Deficit?" , "Dollars & Sense", Mar-Apr, 2000.

"Minimum Wage", 3-2-2000, Economic Policy Institute.

"The Minimum Wage Debate", Idea Central- Issues In Depth.

James K. Galbraith, "Dangerous Metaphor: The Fiction of the Labor Market", Public Policy Brief No. 36A, Oct. 1997.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $    "The Farm Club"    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Norman Frumkin, "The Leading Indicator System" , in "Tracking America's Economy", p.300-306, 3rd, ed. 1998.

Carla Rivera, "Youthful Peddlers Swindled", LA Times, 8-31-2001.

"In The Shadow of Wealth" (14 Photos), The New York Times Magazine, 3-19-00.

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Chet Currier, "Money-Market Funds Are Thriving as the Fed Raises Interest Rates", LA Times, 11-28-99.

Jeanette Bradley & Peter Skillern, "Predatory Lending: Banks Trick Poor Into Expensive Loans", Dollars & Sense, Jan-Feb, 2000.

Bill Tabb, "Japanese Bank Mergers- Bigger, Not Better", Dollars & Sense", Jan-Feb, 2000.

Kelly Whitman, "The Facts on Consumption", The Dismal Scientist, 10-20-00.

Aaron Bersten, "A Sinking Tide Does Not Lower All Boats", BW, 9-14-98.

Dean Baker,"Too Much of the Bubbly on Wall Street?", Dollars & Sense, July/Aug. 1999.

"Students Sit-In Tests Harvard's Labor Policies, and Patience"

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