~ Macroeconomics ~

I. "Well Begun Is Half Done."     Aristotle

"Economics: Micro Review and Macro Intro"

"ECONOMIES, ECONOMICS AND ECONOMISTS"(pages. 1-12), Kit Simmons Taylor, "Human society and The Global Economy".
"The Economist Behind the Curtain",  Jared Berstein, "All Together Now: Common Sense for a Fair Economy".
"What We Learn When We Learn Economics",  Christopher Hayes, "CommonDreams.org".

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"The Global Warming Debate, On-Line NewsHour, "pbs.org".
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"Ergonomics a Women's Issue?", Lisa Girion, "Los Angeles Times"
"Rangel and Jefferson Agreee on a National Service Program", Thom Hartmann, "commondreams.org".

II. "The Invisible Hand" & "The Handshake"

"Economics: Issues Old and New"

"THREE GREAT ECONOMISTS", Heilbroner & Thurow, "Economics Explained".
"Taming Global Capitalism Anew", Stiglitz, Lee, Hutton, Galbraith, Faux, Rogers, Andrews and D'Arista, "The Nation".

"A TABLE OF POLITICAL ECONOMY", Abelda, Gunn, Waller, "Alternative to Economic Orthodoxy".
THE "M > C > ...P... > C* > M* " MODEL , F. Green & B. Sutcliff, "The Profit System".
"THE MERCANTILIST POLICY SYSTEM", Salvatore Schiavo-Campo, "International Economics".

"CONFESSION OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN", Video Interview, "DemocracyNow.org"
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"A Days Work" KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"

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"A Moral Economy",  Fred Block,"The Nation"
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"Minimum Wage (FAQ)", EPI Issue Guide, "Economic Policy Institute".
"Minimum Wage Raise Is Good For Business",  Holly Sklar,"Commondreams.org"

III. "How Are We Doing?"

"GDP, Employment, and Prices"
    [ H & O: Chapters 19 & 20 ]

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE GDP?" , "Redefining Progress. org".
"THE 'THING' ECONOMY AND THE 'CARE' ECONOMY", Fred Block, "Alternet.org".


"Job Threat", KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"
"Disappearing Dropouts" KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"

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"ECONOMAGIC",   "Economagic.com"
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Green-Collar Jobs for Urban America", V. Jones & Ben Wyskida, "Alternet.org".
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"What Numbers Aren't Saying About the Economy Most live In", Pierre Tristam, "Datona Beach News-Journal".
"Rich Man, Poor Man: Hungry Children in America", Cesar Chelala, "Seattle Times".

IV. "A Very Special Variable"

"Economics: Profit, Wages, Interest, and Rent"

"HOW LOW-WAGE JOBS DAMAGE US All", Beth Shulman, "The Betrayal Of Work".
"The Role of Profit in the Leading Indicator System", Norman Frumkin, "Tracking America's Economy".

"Is the ultimate capitalist, Bill Gates, becoming a socialist?", Networkorld.com"
"Profits & Principles", KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"
"WEALTH & DEMOCRACY", KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"
"Luxury Fever", KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"

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"CEO PAY CHARTS","United For A Fair Economy".
"INEQUALITY MATTERS",  "inequality.org"
"WEALTH AND INEQUALITY IN THE USA",   Multinational Monitor

"A Model of Profit", The Levy Economic Institute, "levy.org".
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"Essential Principle of Economics", William King Website.
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"Our Unlimitted Pie" , Orley Amos, "A Pedestrian's Guide to the Economy".
"A Perfect Picture of Profit", Orley Amos, "A Pedestrian's Guide to the Economy".

V. "Maps & Models"

"Economic Growth & Economic Fluctuations"
                  [ H & O: Chapters 21 - 23 ]

"THE KEYNESIAN REVOLUTION", Kit Sims Taylor, "Human Society and the Global Economy".
"Keynesianism: What it is and why it still matters.", Thomas Palley, "thomaspalley.com".
"Back to Basics: Progressive Economics for the 21st Century", Thomas Palley, "thomaspalley.com".
"From Keynesianism to Neoliberalism: Shifting Paradigms in Economics", Thomas Palley, "thomaspalley.com".
"Breaking the Neoclasssical Monopoly in Economics", Thomas Palley, "thomaspalley.com".

"MACROECONOMICS THROUGH TIME", James K. Galbraith & W. Darity Jr., "Macroeconomics".
THE 'KEYNESIAN THEORY', J. Neilis & D. Parker, "The Essence of the Economy".

THE "INJECTIONS & LEAKAGES" MODEL, J. Neilis & D. Parker, "The Essence of the Economy".

* VISIT:      "Animation Library"
The Big Picture, J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
The Expenditure Side, J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
The Income Side, J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
Consumption Expenditure, J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
Expenditure & Output Diagram, J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
The Multiplier, J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
The Multiplier Process, J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
The Multiplier & The Marginal Propensity to Consume, J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
Case I: An Investment Boom, J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
Case II: A Collapse in Durable Spending, J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".

"Capitalism's Crises and Critics", Kit Sims Taylor, "Human Society and the Global Economy".
"The Role of Ideology",  R. Carson, W. Thomas, and J. Hecht, "Economic Issues Today: Alternative Approaches"
"The Study of Economics and Economists",  Raymond Franklin, "American Capitalism:Two Visions"
"Karl Marx's Historical Method", Ronald Meek, "Economics and Ideology".
"Classical Liberalism", E. K. Hunt, "Property and Prophets".
"A Guide to Conservative Economics", Rob Weiss, "Progressive Nation".
"Alternative Economic Philosophies", Carson, Thomas and Hecht, "Economic Issues Today".
"Looking Over Our Shoulder ... Origins of the Modern Economy...", Robert Carson, "What Economists Know...".
"Economic Models", Gary Evans, "Macroeconomics".
"Aggregate Supply & Aggregate Demand" Model, Gary Evans, "Macroeconomics".
"The Supply Side", St. Louis Federal Reserve, "Economic Review".
"Our Circular World", Orley Amos, "amosweb.com".

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VI. "Money, Money, Money,.."

Money & The Financial System
  [ H & 0: Chapter 25 ]

"MANAGING CREDIT-MONEY", Robert Guttmann, "Reforming Money and Finance".

"In Debt We Trust: America Before the Bubble Burst", Danny Schechter ,"DemocracyNow.org"
"Subprime Lending Crisis: Millions of Families Face Losing Their Homes to Foreclosure", Keith Ernst, "DemocracyNow.org"
"Dealing With Debt", KPBS Video, "pbs.org"
"Payday Lending", KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"

"FEDSTATS", "fedstats.gov.com".
"REAL ESTATE ROLLER COASTER", Richard Hodge, "speculativebubble.com".
"ECONOMIC INDICATORS (By the Numbers)", , "www.newyorkfed.org".
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"Privatizing and Profiteering", Robert Kuttner, "The Boston Globe".
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"Lenders Sought Edge Against U.S. in Student Loans", J. Glater & K. Arenson, "New york Times"
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"Interest", George P. Brockway, "The End of Economic Man".
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"How The Bond Market Works", Olivar Blanchard, "Macroeconomics".
"Bonds: Prices & Rates", Frederick Mishkin,"The Economics of Money, Banking, ...".

VII. The"ABCs" of Stabilization Policy  

The "AD/AS Model", Monetary Policy, & Fiscal Policy
          [ H & O: Chapters 24, 26 & 27 ]

THE "AD & AS" MODEL, Robert Carson, "What Economists Know...".

A. Monetary Policy

"THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND THE CONTROL OF MOMEY", James K. Galbraith & W. Darity Jr., "Macroeconomics".

"THE END OF AN ERA", KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"
"DECONSTRUCTING BERNANKE", KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"

"THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM: PURPOSES & FUNCTIONS", Board of Governors, The Federal Reserve System.

"The Questionable Legacy of Alan Greenspan", Thomas Palley, "Challenge".
"Alan Greenspan: The One-Eyed King", William Grieder, "The Nation".
"Bernanke's Dilemma",William Greider, "Dollars & Sense".
"The Money Supply", The Federal Reserve.

B. Fiscal Policy

"THE BUSH BUDGET DEFICIT DEATH SPIRAL", Robert Freeman, "CommonDreams.org".

"REMEMBERING J. K. GALBRAITH", KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"

"THE 2006 FEDERAL BUDGET", Center on Budget and Policy Prioities, "cbpp.org".
"FEDERAL BUDGET SIMULATION", Center for Community Economic Research, UC-Berkeley.
"A Citizen's Guide to the Federal Budget", Department of Management and Budget.
"A Guide to the Gov't Securities Market", Businesss Week.

"Will Bush’s Stimulus Package Work? It Depends on Who You Ask",, Naomi Prins , "Women's International Perspective".
"Big Rate Cuts and Fiscal Stimulus Trump Conservative Ideology ",, Mark Weisbrot "AlterNet.org"
"Desperately Seeking Stimulus", Dean Baker "Truthout.org"
"The Case For An Environmentally Sustainable Jobs Program", The Levy Economic Institute, "Levy.org."
"Overview of the .... Social Security Plan", Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, "cbpp.org".
"Progressive Taxation: Some Hidden Truths", George Lakoff and Bruce Budne, "buzzflash.com".
"The Big Fix: The Case For Public Spending",  Jame s K. Galbraith, The Levy Institute, "Levy.org"
"Monetary Policy Targets", Frederick Mishkin, "The Economics of Money,....".
"Old Attempts & New Ideas", James K. Galbraith & W. Darity Jr., "Macroeconomics".
. "Introduction to Business Cycles", Gary Evans "Macroeconomics".

VIII. "The Natural Rate" & "The Speed Limit"

"Inflation, Unemployment and Policy"
      [ H & O: Chapter 28 ]

"A BRIEF PRIMER ON INFLATION", B. Bluestone & B. Harrison,"Growing Prosperity".

"INFLATION CALCULATOR", Bureau of Labor Statistics.

* VISIT:       "Animation Library"
"The Phillips Curve: 1960-Present", J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
"What is the Phillips Curve?", J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
"The 'Steep' Phillips Curve", J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
"The 'Shallow' Phillips Curve", J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
"Expectations and The Natural Rate", J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".
"The Delimma of Stagflation", J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".

"Ego Inflation", James K. Galbraith, "MotherJones.com".
"The Spector of inflation", R. Heilbroner & Lester Thurow, "Economics Explained".

"The Fear of Unemployment", George Brockway, "Economists Can Be Bad for Your Health".

"Inflation", George Brockway, "Economists Can Be Bad for Your Health".

IX. "Growth & Our Global Economy"

International Eonomy, Exchange Rates, .....
     [ H & O Chapters 29 & 30 ]

"WALL STREET MOVES MAIN STREET", Burton G.Malkiel, "Wall Street Journal".

"GROWING GAP" (12-14-04), KPBS 'NewsHour' Video "pbs.org"
"Falling Dollar" (12-2-04) , KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"
"Falling Dollar II" (4-19-2004), KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"
"Falling Dollar III" (5-27-03), KPBS 'NewsHour' Video, "pbs.org"

"Exchange Rates",  "x-rates.com"
"The American Growth Record", J.B. DeLong, "Animations Library".

"Global Warming", Union of Concerned Scientists, "ucsusa.org"
"Global Economy 101", "GlobalExchange.com"

"The Falling Dollar", John Miller, "inthesetimes.com".

"Dollar Anxiety", John Miller, "dollarsandsense.org".

"What Kind of Economy?", James Galbraith, "CommonDreams.org".
"The Wall Street Model", B.Bluestone & B. Harrison, "Growing Prosperity".
"The Main Street Model", B.Bluestone & B. Harrison, "Growing Prosperity".
"Free, Free at Last", John Miller, "dollarsandsense.org".
"The Economics and Politics of Trade Deficits",  Thomas Palley, "thomaspalley.com".
"Where Do U.S. Dollars Go When The U.S. Runs A Trade Deficit?",  Ellen Frank, "dollarsandsense.org".
"U.S. Should Form a Marshall Plan for Latin America",  Andrew Reding, "Los Angeles Times".
"Globalization Is Doing a World of Good for U.S.",  James Flanigan, "Los Angeles Times".
"Benefit Burden Puts GM in Slow Lane",  John O'Dell, "Los Angeles Times".
"Many Unhappy Returns", Paul Krugman, "New York Times".
"Dollar's Decline Will Reverberate", David Streifeld, "Los Angeles Times".
"U.S. Is More Customer Than Big Global Debtor", James Flanigan, "Los Angeles Times".
Readings From Howard Zinn's "Voices of a People's History of the United States",  DemocracyNow.com
"Bush Erasing FDR's Legacy While Waging Class Warfare", Floyd J. McKay, "Seatle Times".
"FDR's 'Forgoten Man' at Risk", Johathan Alter, "Los Angeles Times".
"A Society That Throws the Sick Away", Barrbra Ehrenreich, "Los Angeles Times".
"Democratizing the Global Economy",  "Global Exchange".

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